SOMA Camp 2010

The Glow Continues. . . .

By Linda Morris, 2010 Camp Director

With the 13th annual SOMA Camp freshly behind us the glow continues! Many contributors working together created our big event. The efforts we saw in preparation for Camp were remarkable.

And speaking of groundwork laid, Camp Director for the first nine (formative) years was my dear friend, Charmoon Richardson. His amazing attention to detail, honed during the countless hours of planning, is still appreciated each year, as we refer to his notes. It was my honor and privilege on Sunday evening to introduce him as recipient of a special thank you gift presented by President Jim Wheeler on behalf of SOMA. The standing ovation meant so much to him. I know this list of contributors is just the tip of the mountain of people who worked together to make the 13th annual SOMA Wild Mushroom Camp another one over-the-top. And it was so great to have our Guest Presenters, distinguished mycologists Dr. Tom Bruns and Dr. Tom Volk both here for our benefit!

Our CYO hosts, Jim Willford, Director and his wonderful kitchen staff did all they could to make our stay just right. John kept our campers well fed at all but the dinner meals, when he entrusted his kitchen to the SOMA culinary group. Thanks also for the honor of having Paul Stamets and Dusty Yao as registered campers and David Arora as a visitor this year! Thank you all: Donors, Guests, Volunteers, Staff and happy Campers!

Photos by Anna Moore and Michael Cain