SOMA Camp 2010

Behind the scenes

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Gina Kuta took on one of the most challenging tasks when she stepped up to be Volunteer Coordinator. Registrar, Lou Prestia and his team of Beth Riedel and Nichole Clark saw to the all details of registration before Camp and manned the registration table throughout the weekend. Coordinator of donations and acknowledgements, Amy Bebervanzo, was all over that job while also supporting new Camp Foray leader, Michael Miller, in making plans for getting campers into the woods and back safely/happily. . . . The very successful money-raising Raffle display was created by Judy Christensen. Photographers Anna Moore, and Michael Cain popped up everywhere photographing every aspect of Camp that you see here in this photo display. SOMA President Jim Wheeler, managed the bookstore, start to finish . . . and so much more. Our cool new T-shirts were designed by Monique Risch, who along with Andy Still also helped deliver those sparkling new SOMA wineglasses. Julie Schreiber, ready and willing for anything, filled in for a cooking demo on the fly and saw to payments and still found more places where she could contribute.

Photos by Anna Moore and Michael Cain