SOMA Camp 2010

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SOMA Camp offered a wide variety of workshops and forays this year: Classes in Taxonomy and Identification, Mushroom Nutrition, Medicinal Mushrooms, Fungi Farmaceuticals, Mushrooms under the Microscope to list just a few.

Benjamin Schmid, our SOMA Cultivation Coordinator offered 3 big hands-on workshops at Camp this year. Don Bryant, Fred Stevens, Terri Jensen, Karen Aguiar, David Campbell and Mike Woods returned loyally, as they have for many years to enrich SOMA Camp’s workshop offerings. We were also happy to see Else Vellinga, Ken Litchfield, Dimitar Bojantchev, Christopher Hobbs and Norm Andresen returning to add their talents to our bountiful schedule, and former SOMA Scholarship winner young Josef Sorensen debuted as instructor of Mushroom Illustration.

Photos by Anna Moore and Michael Cain