Mushroom Poisoning

Poisonous mushrooms occur in Sonoma County and it's always a good idea to be cautious when cooking with wild mushrooms. Never eat a wild mushroom unless you're absolutely certain of its identity.

Poison Control: 800-222-1222

If you think you, your child, or even your dog may have eaten a poisonous mushroom, seek medical attention immediately.

Free EMERGENCY identification service

Because identifying poisonous mushrooms can be tricky, the Sonoma County Mycological Association recommends using the Facebook Group Poisons Help; Emergency Identification For Mushrooms & Plants. Several SOMA Board members, including Mikhael C. Selk participate in this group and provide advice quickly and freely.

More resources

These websites will help you learn more about mushroom poisoning, and what to do if you think you or your child has eaten a poisonous mushroom

California Poison Control System
Emergency Poison Action Line: 1-800-222-1222
Mushroom Poisoning in Children
Information for parents about mushroom poisoning in children from
Mushroom Toxins
US Food and Drug Administration information on the kinds of toxins found in mushrooms.
Mushroom Poisoning Case Registry
You can file a written report of a poisoning case through the North American Mycological Association (NAMA). NAMA tracks collects and disseminates data on mushroom poisoning in North America. File a poisoning report with NAMA »
Toxic Fungi of Western North America 
Dr. Thomas Duffy, longtime MSSF member and past MSSF president (1967-1968) has completed his article, after much research, on the "Toxic Fungi of Western North America".

General identification

For non-emergency identification, consider signing up for SOMA's Identification Group, or check out more resources on our Identification page.