2025 SOMA Wild Mushroom Camp

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Darvin DeShazer

Darvin DeShazer is retired from the Science Department at St. Vincent High School in Petaluma, CA where for twenty-eight years he taught Biology and Advanced Placement Biology. In the past, he also taught Physics, Chemistry and Honors Chemistry. His scientific training was guided by Dr. David Largent at Humboldt State University where he obtained a degree in Biology and teaching certificates in Life Science and Chemistry. He is one of the cofounders of the Sonoma County Mycological Association and serves as the Club Science Advisor. In 2003 he was the mycologist and keynote speaker for the NAMA Regional Foray in Northern California. His expertise in mushrooms stems from more than 35 years in the field and a personal library of over 1,000 mushroom books. His love for hunting mushrooms has resulted in over 9,000 color photos on MushroomObserver.org.