2025 SOMA Wild Mushroom Camp

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Harte Singer

Harte Singer is an undergraduate student at Cal State East Bay studying cell and molecular biology. He sits on the board of Bay Area Applied Mycology and has taught mycology workshops at Counter Culture Labs, a community science space in Oakland California. He is currently working with fungi to remediate Eucalyptus stumps with East Bay Municipal Utility District, as well as sequencing the whole genome of Omphalotus olivascens. His passion for mycology started during his 15-year career as a chef. Learning to forage edible mushrooms eventually led to an insatiable curiosity about all the ones that didn’t make it into the foraging basket. He began attending workshops at Counter Culture Labs where he learned how to do PCR, tissue culture, and microscopy of fungi from a cadre of renowned community scientists. He strives to inspire and teach other budding mycologists while he is learning from both academia and the community at large.