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Stephanie Jarvis

Stephanie S. Jarvis completed her Masters of Science in Ecology, Evolution (Phylogenetics/Taxonomy) and Conservation Biology (EECB) at San Francisco State University (SFSU) under the guidance of world-renown Mycologists, Dr. Dennis Desjardin. It was at SFSU where she created a taxonomic monograph of the Lycoperdaceae (hypogeous fungi) of California. Her undergraduate years were spent at Sonoma State University studying Mycology, Plant Physiology & Chemistry with Dr. Chris Kjeldsen (founding member of Sonoma Mycological Society) and she was the research assistant to Dr. Richard Whitkus on the Sudden Oak Death task force.  While in college Stephanie become a Certified Arborist through the International Society of Arboriculture and created a continuing education (CEU) training program for arborists to learn how to identify fungal plant pathogens for better tree risk assessment. Since 2002 she has been a speaker to various Mycological clubs, schools and plant societies, teaching Mycology, Medicinal Fungi, Truffle Cultivation and various other aspects of the mushroom and arboriculture world. In 2010 she began her consultation company, Pacific Truffle Growers (PTG) due to multiple requests to rehabilitate unproductive truffle orchards.  With PTG she manages truffle orchards throughout Northern California and currently assists clients in Oregon, Washington and most recently – North Carolina. Stephanie, as a geneticist & microscopist, analyzes roots, fungal tissues, plant tissues and soils for health, nutrients, presence of mycorrhizal fungi species, as well as tests for mating types in soils.  Her newest endeavor is the Urban Truffle Farmer collaborated with growing FOOD FORESTS FOR THE FUTURE. Why grow only truffles for your future generations when you can grow multiple types of food on your property!

For inquiries and questions, please contact her by email or website.
www.pacifictruffles.com  pacifictruffles@gmail.com