2019 SOMA Wild Mushroom Camp

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Ken Litchfield

Ken Litchfield began his career as a botanist, biological illustrator, and instructor as a student in the art and biology departments at Texas State University. Ken is currently a naturalist with a professional background working and teaching in science, writing, technical illustration, computer graphics, photography, lapidary, and human health and fitness. He consults, instructs, and trains at various organizations and institutions and lives and works on a farm. In the Landscape Horticulture Department at Merritt Community College in Oakland Ken teaches Mushroom Cultivation, Beneficial Beasts in the Garden and Landscape, and Growing and Using Healthful Herbs, basic "applied biology" utilizing the Mushroom, Animal, and Plant Kingdoms in the garden, each with beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels, electives toward the Landscape Horticulture Permaculture Certificate. He is also the Cultivation Chair for the Mycological Society of San Francisco, and incorporates the fermentation arts into his activities and teachings.