2019 SOMA Wild Mushroom Camp

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Zachary Mazi

Deeply impassioned with understanding this planet that we call home, Zachary Mazi has explored a wide range of topics and draws connections to inspire others here in Earth.  His background ranges from and BS in Geological Sciences, Permaculture and land remediation techniques, wild-crafting and herbal studies.  He has made a name for himself in California with a focus on healing foods, medicinal mushrooms, and knowing the wild-crafted foods; In 2014 he gave lectures on topics ranging from "The Kitchen Farmacy: The Art of Haute Healing" to "The Circle of Nutrition: Tying Chaos Theory to a New Concept of Health."  He sits on the Medicinal Mushroom Committee of NAMA.  Zachary's current focus is to bring together seemingly diverse modes of study and to link them conceptually to show just how huge and wonderful this world before us us.  He runs a program of self-discovery entitled "You 2.0: A ground-breaking work on Claiming Your 'Earthright.'" Drawing from the ancient past, and glimpsing the distant future, he believes that we are of one planet, one race, one body, and one consciousness, and that all studies can be united into a Unified Theory of Being Human.  At the core of this belief is a message: the world deserves us at our best; let's strive to achieve together.